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Ethnic Community Development Forum (Burma)

The Ngo Chang Hka flows through the mountain valleys of the eastern edge of Kachin State and into the N’Mai Hka. The N’Mai Hka continues southward and joins the Mali Hka at the Myitsone confluence to form Burma’s great Irrawaddy River. The borderlands of the Ngo Chang Hka form part of the eastern Himalayan ecoregion, a place of globally outstanding biodiversity and ancient human settlements .Download " Saving the Ngo Chang Hka Valley "(Burmese- English )


International Day of Action for Rivers: Statement by Burma Rivers Network (BRN), Save the Salween Network (SSN) and the Burma Environment Working Group (BEWG)
Countrywide gatherings on International Rivers Day to oppose large dams in Burma’s conflict zones

Today, on the International Day of Action for Rivers, communities around the country are gathering to oppose plans by the Burmese government and global hydropower industry to build cascades of large dams on Burma’s major rivers, mostly in ethnic conflict zones..... Read more



Download “ Customary Land Management and Legal Frameworks: Experiences from Around the World “ ( Burmese, English)



Dowload " Our Customary Lands " ( Burmese , English )




In 2005, the SPDC government launched an initiative to grow 8 million acres of the noxious weed Jatropha, used for biofuel. The military forced farmers to plant the weed on their farm, children to plant it in their schools, and vital members of the community such as nurses and civil servants to spend their time planting the crop.

This report includes the findings of ECDF member organizations and a look the regime's methods of economic development.

Download "Biofuel by Decree" Burmese | English

This short documentary explains the problems surrounding Jatropha biofuel cultivation in local communities.

Download "Jatropha and the General's Garden" Burmese


This video dramatization tells the story of one village in Burma and the struggles of local youth to cope with the realities of military rule

Download "Motherland" Disc 1 | Disc 2 (Burmese, English Subtitles)