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As conflict escalates in Shan State, aid must not be cut off to Shan-Thai border refugees

There are currently six camps along the Shan-Thai border, housing about 6,200 refugees (many of whom are categorized as “internally displaced persons” or IDPs, because they stay just inside the Shan border), 70% of these refugees are women and children.

These camps have existed for up to 18 years. Most of the refugees fled the Burma Army’s massive scorched earth campaign in central Shan State during 1996-1998, in which over 300,000 villagers were forced at gunpoint from their homes, and hundreds of villagers were tortured, raped and killed.....Read more


Dam Project in Northern Myanmar Will Destroy Remote River Valley, Environmentalist Group Warns

A series of four dams set to be built in a remote corner of eastern Kachin State, on the upper waters of the Irrawaddy River, will irreversibly damage an ecologically sensitive river valley, says a report from the Kachin Development Network Group (KDNG), released on Tuesday.

The cascading dams, which planners estimate will generate as much as 1,200 megawatts of electricity annually, are set to be built by a consortium led by the Chinese firm YEIG International Development Company Ltd. (YEIG), on the Ngo Chang Hka River, a tributary of the N’Mai River, one of the two rivers in Kachin State that join to form the Irrawaddy.....Read more


Saving the Ngo Chang Hka Valley

The Ngo Chang Hka flows through the mountain valleys of the eastern edge of Kachin State and into the N’Mai Hka. The N’Mai Hka continues southward and joins the Mali Hka at the Myitsone confluence to form Burma’s great Irrawaddy River. The borderlands of the Ngo Chang Hka form part of the eastern Himalayan ecoregion, a place of globally outstanding biodiversity and ancient human settlements .Download " Saving the Ngo Chang Hka Valley "(Burmese- English )


Legality of Mon State Cement Factory’s Power Plant Questioned

A controversial 500-ton cement factory in Mon State’s Kyaikmayaw Township has not sought permission from the Ministry of Electricity and Energy in order to generate power, according to the ministry.

The US$400 million cement factory run by Mawlamyine Cement Limited (MCL) – a joint venture between Thai firm Siam Cement Group (SCG) and Pacific Link Cement Industries—is powered by a 49-megawatt coal-fired power plant....Read more

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Land Grabbing in Mingaladon.

Our Customary Lands Documentary

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Mother Land (part 1)

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Jetsu Garden and Generals Village